Executive Summary

Highveld Digital Multimedia Productions cc started to operate in August 1994. The Company is well known as HDM Training and trades under this name. The HDM logo is also a registered trademark.

HDM Training has been involved in developing training material from the beginning and expanded into the training of workers for the past 8 years. The Company has trained in excess of 400 000 workers in safety related courses.

The Company is fully accredited with the Chemical Industries Sector Education Training Authority (CHIETA). HDM Training is a Level 4 BBBEE Company. The Company is also ISO 90001/2008 certified with the SABS .

The Company offers a number of training courses in the Safety arena. We service the Chemical, Construction and Mining industries as well as other service industries. All our facilitators are qualified assessors and the Company has a constant upgrading and development program for all facilitators that join our ranks.

In closing we are very excited about the achievement and prospects to add value to the people of this country, region and even the world. HDM is in business to make a difference and we can’t wait for others to lead. We will take on the challenge to lead so that others may follow. We are willing, ready and able to take on any training development challenge and can assure all our Clients and potential new Clients that we will go the extra mile to assist them in their skills development requirements.


We at HDM Training pride ourselves in our stride towards excellence by accepting all who desire to learn. We are dedicated to creating a challenging and supportive environment where the members of our community can develop skills and attain personal goals. We encourage all to take responsibility for their learning, to discover their potential, and to achieve their ambitions.

Recognizing that our diversity is an important source of our strength, we respond to the needs of our community and expect that everyone at HDM Training respects the rights and affirms the dignity of all people. We strive to construct a safe and trustful environment where together we can engage in open dialogue.


We, the people of HDM will strive to uplift our country through, training and development opportunities in accordance with the needs of the people, by making this process available and affordable to all population groups of this country with our motto “Help Develop Manpower”

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  • 017 065 0000
  • 017 634 5282
  • info@hdm.co.za

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